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Ron Nash has been presenting at conferences and in school districts in 20 states since 2007, when he retired from the Virginia Beach City Public Schools. He has presented at ASCD, VASCD, Learning Forward, NBPTS, Learning and the Brain, and Eric Jensen’s Learning Brain EXPO. Ron has also authored 17 books for educators, including Collaborative School Leadership for school administrators, which he co-authored with the late Kathy Hwang. Ron’s newest book is Working the Room: Choreographing Continuous Improvement in K-12 Classrooms (Rowman & Littlefield, 2024), with a foreword by author and consultant Katie White.

Copies of Working the Room can be preordered from the Rowman & Littlefield catalogue by clicking on Order Now below. The book is scheduled for release in the late fall of 2023. If you would like to contact Ron Nash about presenting in your school district, please email him at

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"In Working the Room, Ron Nash continues a storied history of mixing humor, personal experience, and pedagogy to provide readers with strategies they can implement right now to see positive student outcomes. Readers will get a firsthand look at how developing relationships, teaching students the language of learning, students exchanging ideas and collaborating, and moving towards a student-centered classroom will skyrocket their classes to continuous improvement.

Looking beyond the pedagogy, Ron encourages self-reflection and personal growth for educators so that students get the best advocates and teachers standing before and beside them every day.

In essence, Working the Room is a choreographed move toward excellence, and without a doubt, it is another Ron Nash work that should be part of every teacher’s toolbox."

- Chuck Moss, Director of Special Programs, Dinwiddie County (VA) Public Schools

Newest Book from Ron Nash!

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Working The Room Testimonials

“Ron Nash provides valuable insights into how teachers can create classrooms that are more interactive and where students are highly engaged and motivated to learn. This book is packed with compelling examples, helpful ideas, and actionable steps for designing student-oriented environments. It’s an important resource that will help in shifting educators’ thoughts/philosophies about the role of movement and collaboration in today’s classrooms.”
- Jenni Donohoo; Author and Consultant

“Knowing that success in work and personal life now hinges on the ability to work with others, create, analyze, persevere, and communicate, Ron Nash has given educators a road map to helping students develop these skills in the classroom. With an easy-going writing style and step- by-step description of proven strategies, this book will help educators transform their classrooms into places of productivity, learning, and joy.”
- Alison Dwier-Selden; Professional Learning Coordinator; Virginia School Consortium for Learning

“Looking for ways to engage students? This is the book! Following Nash’s advice, teachers will transform a teacher-centered classroom into what he describes as a community of learners. Nash details the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of using practices, like collaboration, movement, and fun, to create a learning environment where students want to be. Inexperienced teachers will use this text to build active, student-centered classrooms, while experienced educators will renew their passion for teaching. Readers will find a wealth of strategies in every chapter!”
- Traci Schneider; Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator; Perkins Coordinator; Laramie County School District 2, Wyoming

What can you expect from a Ron Nash workshop?

- A high-energy, fast-paced classroom session from two to five hours
- Evidence-based student engagement strategies that are modeled
- Participants up, moving, pairing, and sharing a great deal
- Humor and music as state-change mechanisms

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